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Online Marketing Campaigns

The internet is a great place to generate business, and with social media generating business has never been easier. Business have been taking the opportunity to launch online campaigns to sell their products using the social media available to them. This isn’t limited to small businesses—big businesses have found success as well. According to the Times Online (London), big businesses such as Nike and Diet Coke have found much success in selling their products due to video campaigns. Most recently, according to Mashable.com, a YouTube video campaign for Old Spice featuring the Old Spice Guy has doubled the sales of the company.

The great thing about online campaigns is that once a campaign is started, other people online start spreading the word. Here are a few tips on how to make an online campaign work for your business:

-Incorporate the campaign into all of your social media outlets. That way, anyone visiting any of your sites will be aware of this campaign and it will be easier for them to spread the word via whichever social media site they happen to be using.

-E-mail campaigning can also be successful. People can forward your e-mails to their other contacts, and your e-mail can include links to all of your other social media sites.

-Consider a video campaign. Some of the most successful online campaigns have been done using clever video advertizing, as in the case of the Old Spice campaign. If you can come up with a video advertisement people will enjoy watching, and will want others to watch, don’t hesitate to make that video.

-Remember to keep the message constant. You may end up using various social media outlets and forms of advertizing, but you can’t let your main ideas get scattered. People will understand what your business is about much faster if your main message is kept constant between all sites and all forms of advertisement .

-Get creative. Some of the best advertizing campaigns have been based on creative ideas using social media resources. A good example of this is Ikea’s Facebook campaign for a store in Sweden, in which the store posted pictures of sample rooms online and the first person to tag an item would get it. This resulted in increased business for the store. By finding creative ways to use the social media resources you have, you can generate an online campaign that customers will be excited about.

Online marketing campaigns involve a lot of strategy and creativity, but if you can get it right the amount of success is worth the hard work. Happy Campaigning!


How Social Media Helps the People in Haiti

After Haiti was hit by a terrible Earthquake about a month ago, support has poured in from millions of people all hoping to help the people of Haiti. Impressively, most of those people used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in addition to text messaging, to raise million of dollars to help bring relief to the country of Haiti.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have proved to be brilliant ways of gaining support for Haiti. According to the LA Times, Facebook and Twitter, just minutes after the earthquake, were abuzz with people posting what they knew. Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging were used by those in Haiti to contact their loved ones back in the states.

In addition, both sites, as well as YouTube, have spread the story using video, pictures, and word of mouth to make people aware of just how dire the situation in Haiti really is, and they’ve done it faster than the newspapers and news broadcasting programs have been able to.

The Red Cross, in particular, is using Facebook and Twitter to make users aware both of the situation and what they could do to help. The Red Cross is raising money via a text messaging campaign. People have tweeted (and re-tweeted) about this campaign, as well as put it in their Facebook statuses. And the campaign is paying off; according to the Red Cross, $5 million has been raised to help the people in Haiti. Other text message campaigns, advertised through Twitter and Facebook, have followed. What a great accomplishment that social media has helped so much more in a short amount of time.

Want to help the people in Haiti? You can donate via the Red Cross’s text campaign by texting “Haiti” to 90999. Other text message efforts include Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation (text “Yele” to 501501), 25383 (Internal Rescue Committee), and 85944 (Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International). The money will be charged to your phone bill and will go straight to the respective organizations, who will send the money to help the relief effort in Haiti.

To continue to help Haiti and spread the awareness, tweet the information on how to donate via text message, and also put it in your Facebook status. What better information to spread than information used for a good cause?

Happy texting!

The damage done by the earthquake that hit Haiti.
How to use text messaging to help the people of Haiti.

Reinventing the Business Model With Social Media

Times are changing, and so are the ways in which a business creates itself and sells itself to the world. These days many businesses are already using social media to reinvent themselves and make themselves more accessible to more people. Not only that, but according to eWeek.com, 32% of small and midsize businesses who, before now, have not used social media, plan to advertise using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Myspace within the next year.

So why are businesses using social media to increase their value? First and foremost, social media has plenty of potential. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have millions of users across the world, so it makes sense to advertise on these sites to get more business. Businesses like Ikea and Kohl’s have Facebook pages. Even newspapers, like the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune, have Twitter pages to keep people updated in an age where tweets are more common than newspaper articles.

Just as important is the cost of social media marketing: there is none. Social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter are free. Even less commonly used sites such as WordPress, Blogger, and YouTube don’t cost anything, but all of these sites can be used for extensive advertising as well as provide information about a business. Especially in this economic recession, it is important to consider the cost of advertizing, and how much money a business can save through by social media.

Social media sites also provide ways for businesses to network, which is important in building relationships. Business alliances can be formed through sites like LinkedIn (which was created specifically for this) and Facebook. Those who follow one business will be more likely to follow another if the two businesses are linked to each other, and social media makes this more easier than ever.

So, should you use social media to reinvent your business model? The answer is yes!  Absolutely!  By doing so you will be able to reach millions and network with other businesses and professionals, all for free. To get started, here are a few tips:

-Facebook and MySpace are great places to present your business to the world. All you have to do is make a Facebook or MySpace page. Remember to be detailed about the nature of your business, that way people will know what your business is all about. Be honest, and don’t be afraid to show off the best parts of your business.

-YouTube can also be an interesting place to share bits of your business. Do you have a video podcast related to your business, or instructional videos designed to help other small businesses get started? Create a YouTube account, from which you can post these videos and receive feedback for them. People can also subscribe to your YouTube account and receive updates whenever you post something new.

-Services like WordPress.com and Blogger.com allow for easy blogging about your business, which can keep fans updated about new projects you have, give advice and information about your industry, or any other relevant information. Generally it’s good to have your blog linked to another site, such as your business’ website, Facebook page, or Twitter page.

-Twitter is a great way to send people quick updates about your business. All you have to do is update the status, and instantly anyone following your Twitter page will know about it. With Twitter, the statuses can’t be over 140 characters long, so updates should be short and to the point. Links can be put in the statuses, so if you have something a bit longer to write, you can put it elsewhere (such as on your website, Facebook page, or blog) and link to it in your status.

-Finally, LinkedIn is a great place to network with other businesses and build relationships as well as identify and join organizations related to your industry.  Linked In also provides opportunities to Networking with other professionals in your industry that can eventually lead you to new business, projects or even a job if you decide that is what you’re looking for.  Signing up is free, and over 50 million professionals use the site.

Yes, social media is changing the way businesses advertise and brand themselves. With all the social media resources out there, gaining business is becoming easier, as social media sites reach more and more people. You, too can take advantage of what social media has to offer your business. Reinvent Your Business Model with Social Media and Happy Networking!

Socialnomics and Social Media – the Wave of Your Future

This is definitely the wave of the future and validates all of the Coaching, Training, Teaching, Consulting (sometimes Yelling….:)  Lol) that I do on Social Media and PR and Shows you in Video Form in 5 minutes or less why YOU SIMPLY CAN’T IGNORE SOCIAL MEDIA (scroll below)….If you do, you’re making it that much easier for your COMPETITION!  Over 15 Years Ago when I first started teaching and consulting about this little unknown fad called “THE INTERNET”, everyone told me the same thing….”Why are you spending so much time learning about that thing…..It’s just a fad that’s going to go away”.  Don’t make the same mistake with Social Media.  It ain’t going away!  If anything, this so called “FAD” will make YOU FADE….All the Major Brands are on Social Media, and you should be, too.  Find a way to use it!….Check out this Video….It’s Sooo Cool!    Awesome! It rocks!  Everything that I teach in One Video Capsule!