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Key Steps in Preparing For a Social Media Crisis

It is amazing how quickly disaster can strike. It can come from an internal or an external source. Many companies don’t realize how quickly things can get out of control. Even worse, is when crisis strikes and you don’t have a plan because you have been too busy attending to other matters that  you thought were “larger”  or “more important.”

According to PR Daily,  “you need to be continually monitoring your brand reputation, and when the worst happens, you have to be honest, admit your mistake, and share exactly how you plan to fix it. Don’t delete the post, don’t play dumb and ignore it, and above all don’t lie!”

More important is to already have a crisis plan in place that makes sense for your organization. PR Daily offers the following tips to lead you on the right path:

• List each individual social media asset. Who manages what?
• Who handles customer service, sales, and marketing?
• Get them all together in a room.
• What is a crisis? What is a negative comment? What’s the difference? Discuss it.
• Worst-case situations—what would they look like? What could diffuse it? How early would it need to be caught, in terms of monitoring? Discuss this.
• Document the discussion.
• Who should be responsible for what? Who monitors? Who responds? Who facilitates fast approvals, when necessary?
• Map this discussion to a written plan. Distribute it.

And, don’t construct a plan that is so complicated that it never gets off the ground!



Get more Brand Interest with Pinterest! Connect and Pin your way to success!…:)

Are you looking for ways to get more benefits out of using Pinterest? Try these tips:

Based on suggestions from PRSA [the Public Relations Society of America], the following tips can be implemented to boost results on this platform:

  • Create a Pinterest newsroom including blog posts, pitches, expert opinion, or video that can mirror or enhance your website’s newsroom.
  • Think visually, the more immediately captivating the pin is, the more likely it is to be repinned. Also try to write things in a list form so it is easy to read.
  • Have a guest pinner board, to get the guests involve with your board is a great way of networking.
  • Utilize an executive staff pinboard that links headshots to biographies, bylined articles, and content that demonstrates their credibility.
  • Create a pinboard that fits your news topics to capitalize on search traffic.
  • A niche pinboard can target your audience and complement your press releases.
  • Make use of SEO (search engine optimization.  Optimize pins by using the same keywords that your press release does.
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Online Marketing Campaigns

The internet is a great place to generate business, and with social media generating business has never been easier. Business have been taking the opportunity to launch online campaigns to sell their products using the social media available to them. This isn’t limited to small businesses—big businesses have found success as well. According to the Times Online (London), big businesses such as Nike and Diet Coke have found much success in selling their products due to video campaigns. Most recently, according to Mashable.com, a YouTube video campaign for Old Spice featuring the Old Spice Guy has doubled the sales of the company.

The great thing about online campaigns is that once a campaign is started, other people online start spreading the word. Here are a few tips on how to make an online campaign work for your business:

-Incorporate the campaign into all of your social media outlets. That way, anyone visiting any of your sites will be aware of this campaign and it will be easier for them to spread the word via whichever social media site they happen to be using.

-E-mail campaigning can also be successful. People can forward your e-mails to their other contacts, and your e-mail can include links to all of your other social media sites.

-Consider a video campaign. Some of the most successful online campaigns have been done using clever video advertizing, as in the case of the Old Spice campaign. If you can come up with a video advertisement people will enjoy watching, and will want others to watch, don’t hesitate to make that video.

-Remember to keep the message constant. You may end up using various social media outlets and forms of advertizing, but you can’t let your main ideas get scattered. People will understand what your business is about much faster if your main message is kept constant between all sites and all forms of advertisement .

-Get creative. Some of the best advertizing campaigns have been based on creative ideas using social media resources. A good example of this is Ikea’s Facebook campaign for a store in Sweden, in which the store posted pictures of sample rooms online and the first person to tag an item would get it. This resulted in increased business for the store. By finding creative ways to use the social media resources you have, you can generate an online campaign that customers will be excited about.

Online marketing campaigns involve a lot of strategy and creativity, but if you can get it right the amount of success is worth the hard work. Happy Campaigning!

Blackberry vs iPhone for Business

About 3 years ago, I took the plunge and grudgingly purchase my first Blackberry. I fought purchasing a Smartphone because I’ve always heard what an “electronic leash” a Smartphone or in my case, a Blackberry, could become. Needless to say, my Blackberry has reinvented how I do business, allowed me to be more mobile, organized, and even global while extending my digital reach.

iPhone vs Blackberry

So which Smartphone is best? When it comes to deciding which Smartphone is best, businesses may find themselves at a standstill in comparing the Blackberry and the iPhone. Numerous media including Youtube, Facebook and even Twitter involvement has increased awareness and in some cases answered this business woe.

The Blackberry has been around since 1999 but with new models, such as the Blackberry Bold, the Blackberry Curve, and the Blackberry Storm, Blackberry has increased its awareness within the last 6 years with over 2 million subscribers worldwide. Also originating in 1999, the Apple iPhone before the addition of its touch features was launched and in June of 2007 the iPhone as we know it debuted; by October of the same year it was given the titled, invention of the year by Time Magazine. The newer model, iPhone 3G is gaining in popularity and according to TechCrunch.com, the Apple iPhone makes up 50% of Smartphone’s web traffic, while the Blackberry makes up 21%.

Choosing between a Blackberry and an iPhone may be more of a matter of preference than of functionality. According to the consumer debate on iphonevsblackberry.com, “…the blackberry was the best phone in 2007 hands down, but the iPhone is the phone of 2014.” Need help deciding on which phone is better for your business needs? Here’s a quick comparison between both Smartphone’s:

-The Blackberry uses Verizon Wireless as its service and generally has not experienced problems. The iPhone recently experienced reception problems with their service, AT&T.

-The iPhone runs iPhone OS, which is the most advanced Smartphone technology in the world. The Blackberry runs Windows Mobile, which is less advanced. Essentially, comparing the iPhone system and the Blackberry System is like comparing Mac to Windows.

-Blackberry has an enhanced e-mail system, in which documents can be downloaded and edited.  iPhone documents can’t be edited. If you’re needs include editing documents on the go, this would be an important point to consider.

-Both have a 480 x 320 pixel screen. The Blackberry would seem to have a better quality picture, but the iPhone is not far behind. As an added bonus, when not using the keyboard the iPhone has the advantage of having images expand for full screen viewing.

-Blackberry allows you to access Microsoft Outlook, and has the look and feel of a desktop (complete with a keyboard). The iPhone still needs work in the Microsoft software arena, however it has a fully functional on screen, touch keyboard that adjust with the shifting of the of the phone from portrait to landscape viewing.

-Both the Blackberry and the iPhone are roughly in the same price wise, between $199-$299 with a contract with a service provider and depending on which model and applications you choose.

Generally, the Blackberry has been a tool for businesses, while the iPhone has been a consumer product with improvements to be made for business use. Both phones, however, are excellent, and depending on your business needs either one would be an asset. It’s all a matter of preference.

Happy Shopping!


Search Engine Marketing

Search engines have been an integral part of the internet, even longer than the social media sites, and now the businesses are taking advantage. The big search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and now Bing, provide areas for a whole new level of marketing that is not only different from social media marketing, but also enhances the social media aspect. The small businesses are taking notice. According to imediaconnection.com, since the end of 2009 small businesses spent 30% more on search engine marketing. The social media sites also realizing the advantages of search engines. According to mashable.com, Google has made deals with Facebook and Twitter, and Yahoo! And Bing have followed close behind, allowing for information to be more easily accessible.

The great thing about search engines is that the results are, for the most part, what you are looking for. If someone types in ‘pianos’, the websites for businesses that sell pianos would show up, as well as any paid advertisements.

If you’re looking to make yourself more accessible to the search engines but want to hold off on spending money for advertisements, don’t be worried. There are plenty of ways to get search engines like Google to pick up on your business. The main thing is to make you searchable. Here are a few tips:

– The web address of your website is very important. If you want your business to show up on the search engines, make sure that the name of your business appears in your web address. You may want to opt for an address like this one: http://www.nameofyourbusiness.com

–  Make sure the content of your home page, including your title, includes relevant information. The title should be that of your business and perhaps what it does. The rest of the content should be a description of your business. This way, certain search terms will pick up on the textual content of the page and direct users towards your site. This allows people to find you if they don’t know the name of your business.

-If you have multiple web outlets, such as your website and various social networking profiles, make sure everything is consistent between them. This will make all of the sites easier to find.

– When you link to any website, make sure that it has good quality content related to the context of your business. Similarly, make sure that websites linking to you are of good quality. Potential customers will trust more in legitimate and helpful links.

-Make sure to update your website frequently with current and up-to-date content. Search engines pick up on more recently refreshed items, so you’ll have a greater chance of showing up in a search.

In short, make sure that your site can be easily found. If you’re not sure, Google your business to see what turns up. Happy Marketing!

How Social Media Helps the People in Haiti

After Haiti was hit by a terrible Earthquake about a month ago, support has poured in from millions of people all hoping to help the people of Haiti. Impressively, most of those people used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in addition to text messaging, to raise million of dollars to help bring relief to the country of Haiti.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have proved to be brilliant ways of gaining support for Haiti. According to the LA Times, Facebook and Twitter, just minutes after the earthquake, were abuzz with people posting what they knew. Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging were used by those in Haiti to contact their loved ones back in the states.

In addition, both sites, as well as YouTube, have spread the story using video, pictures, and word of mouth to make people aware of just how dire the situation in Haiti really is, and they’ve done it faster than the newspapers and news broadcasting programs have been able to.

The Red Cross, in particular, is using Facebook and Twitter to make users aware both of the situation and what they could do to help. The Red Cross is raising money via a text messaging campaign. People have tweeted (and re-tweeted) about this campaign, as well as put it in their Facebook statuses. And the campaign is paying off; according to the Red Cross, $5 million has been raised to help the people in Haiti. Other text message campaigns, advertised through Twitter and Facebook, have followed. What a great accomplishment that social media has helped so much more in a short amount of time.

Want to help the people in Haiti? You can donate via the Red Cross’s text campaign by texting “Haiti” to 90999. Other text message efforts include Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation (text “Yele” to 501501), 25383 (Internal Rescue Committee), and 85944 (Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International). The money will be charged to your phone bill and will go straight to the respective organizations, who will send the money to help the relief effort in Haiti.

To continue to help Haiti and spread the awareness, tweet the information on how to donate via text message, and also put it in your Facebook status. What better information to spread than information used for a good cause?

Happy texting!

The damage done by the earthquake that hit Haiti.
How to use text messaging to help the people of Haiti.

Socialnomics and Social Media – the Wave of Your Future

This is definitely the wave of the future and validates all of the Coaching, Training, Teaching, Consulting (sometimes Yelling….:)  Lol) that I do on Social Media and PR and Shows you in Video Form in 5 minutes or less why YOU SIMPLY CAN’T IGNORE SOCIAL MEDIA (scroll below)….If you do, you’re making it that much easier for your COMPETITION!  Over 15 Years Ago when I first started teaching and consulting about this little unknown fad called “THE INTERNET”, everyone told me the same thing….”Why are you spending so much time learning about that thing…..It’s just a fad that’s going to go away”.  Don’t make the same mistake with Social Media.  It ain’t going away!  If anything, this so called “FAD” will make YOU FADE….All the Major Brands are on Social Media, and you should be, too.  Find a way to use it!….Check out this Video….It’s Sooo Cool!    Awesome! It rocks!  Everything that I teach in One Video Capsule!

PR and Social Media Tips for using Facebook and Twitter – Part 2

Debra DixonPR and Social Media Tips for using

Facebook and Twitter – Part 2

Gaining Followers, Friends, & Rules of Engagement



  • Updated Stats as of June 2009:
  • According to Nielsen, Facebook leads all social networking sites with 87.3 million unique visitors in June 2009
  • Quickly growing its video reach from 2.4 million unique viewers in June ’08 to 12 million in June ’09.

How can you start using Facebook? Here’s how:

  • Now that you have put together a simple and effective profile page (making sure you are descriptive and clear about you do and what you offer now what?
  • After you have joined groups related to your business remember to reach out and connect to your friends and members of the groups
  • Send direct customized notes and messages of introduction about your business and see if they would like to set up a phone meeting or a face to face one if they are in your city (Use safety rules by researching the company or individual prior to meeting or just set up a phone meeting first.). This should be the same thing you would be doing if you were following up with your contacts after meeting them at an actual networking function. Well this is Social Networking, and in order to really engage and connect with your Facebook, you have to follow the similar rules.
  • Offer discount specials and/or free products or services to your friends on their birthdays by sending them a Happy Birthday note with a link to your website with a special discount or special information. You can also do the same thing seasonally or during special holidays or times of the year.
  • Special Tip: Don’t forget to set up your own username on Facebook. It’s FREE and allows you to own part of Facebook’s digital real estate. Just go to http://www.facebook.com/username. You will be asked to login to Facebook first, you should then be guided through the steps of selecting a username (which should be the same as your current name in Facebook. You can use the url with your new username on your business cards, website, blog, etc.

I already use Twitter, now how can I REALLY maximize it?

  • Updated Stats according to Nielsen as of June 2009: Twitter grew a massive 1,928 percent in the US from June ’08 to June ’09 reaching a total of 21 million monthly unique visitors!
  • Twitter users spent an average of 31 minutes, 17 seconds on the site in June. You can use the Twitter Tools like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop which are more graphical free software interfaces that you can install. They allow you to navigate easier, tweet, direct message, etc.
  • A “tweet” is a post in 140 characters or less that can be advice, info about an event, a product or service, etc.
  • Tweet interesting stuff, please J (useful and relevant) that would make people want to follow you
  • Build your followers base by following people or putting a “Follow Me on Twitter” link in your emails, business cards, website, etc.
  • Make sure that you register your Twitter account into special Twitter Sites and Tools like wefollow.com and twellow.com (Twitter Yellow Pages). Using keywords that are relevant to your business, will allow you to be found by people looking to connect to your business.
  • Look through your Twitter Followers for individual or businesses that you can connect and do business with. Send them a Direct Message or DM introducing yourself with a link to your website and see if they would like schedule time to chat on the phone or meet in person if they are in your city.
  • Safety first, please….Unfortunately not everyone on Social Media Sites are who they say they are so perhaps you should do some research on the company or individual on google first or set up a phone meeting prior to meeting face-to-face.
  • Special Twitter Tip: Geofollow.com allows you to connect to your Twitter account, follow people by location and city. Plus you can add and list your own Twitter Account (for FREE!) by the tags that apply to you, your business or profession and search for people that fit the same criteria.

About Light of Gold PR, Marketing, and Consulting LLC:

Light of Gold PR, Marketing, and Consulting LLC (www.lightofgoldpr.com) with offices in New York and Atlanta , specializes in Public Relations, Marketing, Promotions, Media Relations, Branding and Event Planning, Workshops, Webinars, Teleseminars, emphasizing New Media such as Webcasts, Podcasts, Social Media and Online Communities. Light of Gold PR is certified by New York City as a M/WBE, a Minority Woman-Owned Business

PR and Social Media Tips for using Facebook and Twitter

PR and Social Media Tips for using Facebook and Twitter – Part 1



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  •  According to Compete.com, as of January 2009 has overcome MySpace as the world’s number one social network
  • Currently about 1.1 billion monthly visits a number that continues to grow

 How can you start using Facebook?  Here’s how: 

 Put together a simple and effective profile page (making sure you are descriptive and clear about what you do and what you offer

  • Import your business contacts and customers by connecting to your e-mail
  • Remember to join groups related to your business
  • If you have a company website or blog, a press release, or a flyer, link to it and incorporate into your notes
  • Put a Facebook badge on your site (check out ours at http://www.lightofgoldpr.com)
  • Create a Fan Site

 HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TWITTER!  What is Twitter and how can I utilize it?

 Twitter essentially is a micro-blogging platform (now the #3 social network, up from #22!)

  • Ok, now what the heck is a “tweet”?  A “tweet” is a post and update about what you’re doing.  You have to be brief (140 characters or less)  You can tweet advice, info about an event, press release, news, a product or service, etc. 
  • The number of active users has increased by 900% in the past year
  • Create a complete profile with your company’s website or blog’s url (http://www.twitter.com/lightofgoldpr)
  • Remember to import your contacts so that you instantly build your following
  • Tweet interesting stuff, please (useful and relevant) that would make people want to follow you
  • Build your followers base by following people or putting a “Follow Me on Twitter” link in your emails, business cards, website, etc.

 About Light of Gold PR, Marketing, and Consulting LLC:         

Light of Gold PR, Marketing, and Consulting LLC (www.lightofgoldpr.com) with offices in New York and Atlanta , specializes in Public Relations, Marketing, Promotions, Media Relations, Branding and Event Planning, Workshops, Webinars, Teleseminars, emphasizing New Media such as Webcasts, Podcasts, Social Media and Online Communities. Light of Gold PR is certified by New York City as a M/WBE, a Minority Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.

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Welcome to the New Normal….Excitement, Challenge, Collaboration, and New Hustles…

Hey, Everyone!  Happy New Year!

This is quite an Era we’re livin’ in, isn’t it? Just less than a week until the inauguration!  Whoo Hoo!  History is about to be made!  Go, Barack! A time I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

But while we’re excited about this new era, unfortunately we’ve seen record numbers of people losing jobs (600,000 people in November, and a projected 500,000 people in December). This is also something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. People are losing their homes, the car and banking industry are in a huge crisis, businesses are losing money in just about every industry, people who ARE working are struggling to pay their bills as the price of everyday living keeps going up.  Gasoline had gone down, but seems to be on the rise, again.

So here we are….in a time of great excitement and of great challenge. While this may appear to be a challenging time for a lot of people, the flip side of challenge is spelled OPPORTUNITY.

With so many people losing their jobs, I predict that this will be a great time for small businesses and people who want to start their own business, create multiple streams of income, side and new hustles….whatever you want to call it….make money!

But you have to be ready. Create a Business Plan. Learn new skills. Look at your existing skills and how you can transfer it to viable businesses or jobs. Embrace New and Social Media. And most of all, learn how to Collaborate and Partner with people, entities, and companies that have the skills that you’re weak in. You can’t do it all. And believe me….you don’t want to……There are only 24 hours in each day. So learn how to partner with people who can do what you can’t do, better than you can.

Don’t get me wrong. Everybody shouldn’t partner with each other. Be selective. When you find the right person or company, set up a contract and put stuff in writing so that you stay in your lanes and are accountable for your tasks and for your actions. And most of all, make sure you know how much you each get paid and how.

If people don’t learn how to partner, collaborate across the board….and I do mean across the board….everything from families learning how to get along, live together, and share expenses…..to business professionals learning how to work together who NEVER would have partnered in the past….we’ll make it easier on ourselves when we learn how to work together. From a business and personal perspective, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

So let’s learn from the Barack Obama Campaign. All different cultures, races, and people from economic backgrounds worked together and rallied around Barack to help him win and make history. And You can win in this economy, too.

Welcome to the new normal. Let’s do this! Yes, we can!

Peace and Love! Stay Tuned and Stay Blessed!


Debra Dixon
Light of Gold PR
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