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Blackberry vs iPhone for Business

About 3 years ago, I took the plunge and grudgingly purchase my first Blackberry. I fought purchasing a Smartphone because I’ve always heard what an “electronic leash” a Smartphone or in my case, a Blackberry, could become. Needless to say, my Blackberry has reinvented how I do business, allowed me to be more mobile, organized, and even global while extending my digital reach.

iPhone vs Blackberry

So which Smartphone is best? When it comes to deciding which Smartphone is best, businesses may find themselves at a standstill in comparing the Blackberry and the iPhone. Numerous media including Youtube, Facebook and even Twitter involvement has increased awareness and in some cases answered this business woe.

The Blackberry has been around since 1999 but with new models, such as the Blackberry Bold, the Blackberry Curve, and the Blackberry Storm, Blackberry has increased its awareness within the last 6 years with over 2 million subscribers worldwide. Also originating in 1999, the Apple iPhone before the addition of its touch features was launched and in June of 2007 the iPhone as we know it debuted; by October of the same year it was given the titled, invention of the year by Time Magazine. The newer model, iPhone 3G is gaining in popularity and according to TechCrunch.com, the Apple iPhone makes up 50% of Smartphone’s web traffic, while the Blackberry makes up 21%.

Choosing between a Blackberry and an iPhone may be more of a matter of preference than of functionality. According to the consumer debate on iphonevsblackberry.com, “…the blackberry was the best phone in 2007 hands down, but the iPhone is the phone of 2014.” Need help deciding on which phone is better for your business needs? Here’s a quick comparison between both Smartphone’s:

-The Blackberry uses Verizon Wireless as its service and generally has not experienced problems. The iPhone recently experienced reception problems with their service, AT&T.

-The iPhone runs iPhone OS, which is the most advanced Smartphone technology in the world. The Blackberry runs Windows Mobile, which is less advanced. Essentially, comparing the iPhone system and the Blackberry System is like comparing Mac to Windows.

-Blackberry has an enhanced e-mail system, in which documents can be downloaded and edited.  iPhone documents can’t be edited. If you’re needs include editing documents on the go, this would be an important point to consider.

-Both have a 480 x 320 pixel screen. The Blackberry would seem to have a better quality picture, but the iPhone is not far behind. As an added bonus, when not using the keyboard the iPhone has the advantage of having images expand for full screen viewing.

-Blackberry allows you to access Microsoft Outlook, and has the look and feel of a desktop (complete with a keyboard). The iPhone still needs work in the Microsoft software arena, however it has a fully functional on screen, touch keyboard that adjust with the shifting of the of the phone from portrait to landscape viewing.

-Both the Blackberry and the iPhone are roughly in the same price wise, between $199-$299 with a contract with a service provider and depending on which model and applications you choose.

Generally, the Blackberry has been a tool for businesses, while the iPhone has been a consumer product with improvements to be made for business use. Both phones, however, are excellent, and depending on your business needs either one would be an asset. It’s all a matter of preference.

Happy Shopping!



Socialnomics and Social Media – the Wave of Your Future

This is definitely the wave of the future and validates all of the Coaching, Training, Teaching, Consulting (sometimes Yelling….:)  Lol) that I do on Social Media and PR and Shows you in Video Form in 5 minutes or less why YOU SIMPLY CAN’T IGNORE SOCIAL MEDIA (scroll below)….If you do, you’re making it that much easier for your COMPETITION!  Over 15 Years Ago when I first started teaching and consulting about this little unknown fad called “THE INTERNET”, everyone told me the same thing….”Why are you spending so much time learning about that thing…..It’s just a fad that’s going to go away”.  Don’t make the same mistake with Social Media.  It ain’t going away!  If anything, this so called “FAD” will make YOU FADE….All the Major Brands are on Social Media, and you should be, too.  Find a way to use it!….Check out this Video….It’s Sooo Cool!    Awesome! It rocks!  Everything that I teach in One Video Capsule!