Key Steps in Preparing For a Social Media Crisis

It is amazing how quickly disaster can strike. It can come from an internal or an external source. Many companies don’t realize how quickly things can get out of control. Even worse, is when crisis strikes and you don’t have a plan because you have been too busy attending to other matters that  you thought were “larger”  or “more important.”

According to PR Daily,  “you need to be continually monitoring your brand reputation, and when the worst happens, you have to be honest, admit your mistake, and share exactly how you plan to fix it. Don’t delete the post, don’t play dumb and ignore it, and above all don’t lie!”

More important is to already have a crisis plan in place that makes sense for your organization. PR Daily offers the following tips to lead you on the right path:

• List each individual social media asset. Who manages what?
• Who handles customer service, sales, and marketing?
• Get them all together in a room.
• What is a crisis? What is a negative comment? What’s the difference? Discuss it.
• Worst-case situations—what would they look like? What could diffuse it? How early would it need to be caught, in terms of monitoring? Discuss this.
• Document the discussion.
• Who should be responsible for what? Who monitors? Who responds? Who facilitates fast approvals, when necessary?
• Map this discussion to a written plan. Distribute it.

And, don’t construct a plan that is so complicated that it never gets off the ground!



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