8 Ways to Ensure Your PR Firm Competes Well

At Light of Gold PR, we strive to execute effective strategies to reach our goals.  Here are some helpful hints in regards to running a successful Public Relations Firm.

1. Communication is Key. — PR firms should stay in contact with important figures within the company, such as product managers, marketers, customer service representative, etc.  This is a vital step to ensure your firm takes advantage of each opportunity.

2. PR and Marketing Work Together. These two departments will work hand-in-hand.  “Give your PR firm visibility into your marketing efforts. If you’re running weekly email campaigns and planning an event blitz, your PR firm needs to be in the loop” (Cross, Andrew. “PR Daily News: Public Relations News and Marketing in the Age of Social Media | Home. n.p., 26 Apr. 2013. Web. 11 July 2013.)

3. Creativity is imperative.  Thinking “outside of the box” will enhance your firm’s ideas and strategies

4. Ask for assistance in program strategy.  In addition to  beginning with a tactics-approach, requesting help may be beneficial as well.

5.The Hiring Process is Critical.  An employer must be careful when selecting an employee.  They need to be up to speed in a timely manner.

6. Check in regularly. Follow-Ups, whether by phone or email, are important to further your firm’s connection with clients.   As of summer 2013, our team at Light of Gold PR assists our clients in promoting and publicizing their work, their brands, services and their products.

7. Use your firm as a focus group. “By the nature of the profession, PR professionals are plugged in to trends in your industry, and they know what resonates with consumers, businesses, and media. If you aren’t actively tapping into that knowledge base, you aren’t getting enough value from your firm” (Cross, Andrew. “PR Daily News: Public Relations News and Marketing in the Age of Social Media | Home. n.p., 26 Apr. 2013. Web. 11 July 2013.)  This is a key step in continuing your firm’s success.

Light of Gold PR hopes these guidelines will continue your firm’s success.  Of course, the above steps are general.  Only you can tailor your strategies to create the perfect fit for your firm’s specific needs.


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