How do you make the most of brand YOU?

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Most companies spend a great deal of time and money building their brands in a specific way to reflect how they want to be perceived by consumers.  In this digital world, why wouldn’t professionals want to do the same?  Developing your personal brand is imperative for survival in this current job market.  Between Facebook, Twitter, and all other social medias, you want to create your own voice and maintain consistency in all of these outlets.

Start out by making your own personal brand website.  You can use any of the free online website generators.  Think about what jobs you really want and how you can make yourself most attractive to employers in this field.  Its best to focus on your greatest, most unique strength that will differentiate yourself from competition.  Choose a slogan that can help reinforce this strength.  If you have trouble with this, there are many free strength finding tests available online.  This site should include a vision statement, relevant experiences, your updated resume, testimonials, and all the different ways to contact you (email, linkedin, etc).  Make sure you post a professional photo of yourself as well.  Once you create the site, all of your different social media sites should be linked on the site and reflect your personal brand.  

Now you have a striking website that helps people remember who you are and immediately gives you a leg up on others in your field.  This will easily help the job hunting process because employers have a much simpler and faster way of getting to know you.  This site will help them build a connection with you and allow you to stand out in their minds (increasing brand recognition).

Last (but certainly not least), untag and delete all of those embarrassing party photos off of Facebook.  No employer wants to see pictures of you doing keg stands when they do a search of your name!

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