Five Easy Tips In Social Media Etiquette

Social media has become overpopulated with usage by millions of people globally. Twitter has been frequently experiencing “Too many tweets…” as shown on Twitters over capacity page. Now that businesses have also begun to take advantage of social media, professionalism and the etiquette of how to use social media properly has emerged.

There is a whole new culture forming with social media etiquette at the center. Even the Associated Press recently released a guide to social media that includes commonly used terms, such as ‘follow’ (for Twitter), ‘friend’ (for Facebook), and abbreviations commonly used in internet and text messages, such as ‘lol’ for ‘laugh out loud’. Getting accustomed to the new wave of communicating while practicing professionalism and etiquette may be a challenge for many professionals if proper etiquettes are not being utilized

Here are 5 easy tips on social media etiquette:

-According to, messages received by phone and e-mail are priority and should be answered first before responding to social media messages. This should also give you an idea of how to send/respond to more urgent messages. If a message is deems your attention, send it by phone or e-mail first. Social media outlets are for less urgent messages.

-Certain etiquette rules are unique to certain social media sites. Twitter users, for example, should be mindful of postings; according to “Every 140-character snippet of info you’ve ever shared publicly on twitter will soon have a home next to the declaration of independence.” The United states library of Congress have started archiving tweets. Facebook users should be careful as well, in regards to their wall posting or on those of other users, since all postings appear in the public newsfeed. Anything you don’t want anyone to see should be sent in a private Facebook message or even through other means, such as e-mail.

-Social media has allowed businesses to communicate with their employees outside of work, using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and technology like the Blackberry. It is important to strike a healthy balance between your social and professional time, while keeping in mind vital obligations, such as family.

-According to, businesses can also monitor employees’ social media usage. While some businesses encourage social media usage as a way to advertise, other businesses punish employees for inappropriate use. If you are looking for employment, some companies monitor Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, so it would be wise to watch what you post to either. It may cost you a job.

-Don’t spend too much time on social media, especially in a business setting. Some businesses allow employees to use social media during work, while others would discourage it. Either way, your career or job is always more important than any social media site

Hopefully this Social Media Etiquette Tip Sheet will give you the guidance you need to navigate the world of social media with traditional communication.


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