Making Sure Your Brand is Personal AND Successful Online

Personal branding using social media sites is becoming increasingly
popular as the number of social media users continues to rise. Not
only is online personal branding popular, it also might be a
requirement. According to, during this recession
personal branding using social media is a necessity. Using social
media isn’t just about having a profile here and there. The ‘branding’
part of online marketing takes a little more involvement.
recently posted a list of their Top 10 Smartest Big Brands, in which
they revealed the branding strategies of successful businesses:
Comcast uses Twitter as a line of communication for customer service,
IMB allows their employees to blog about their experiences, Starbucks
set up a website to get suggestions from customers (which can then be
voted on), and Burger King took Facebook by storm with an interesting
new application.—-Here are a few tips on how:
-Have a logo that’s consistently displayed on all your profiles and
websites.  This will make it easy for people to recognize your
business and remember who you are and what you do.

-Google yourself. It’s good to know what comes up about you or your
business in a search, as well as how much comes up. If you feel that
your business isn’t showing up well on search engines, add more tags
to your posts, more text content to your website, and remember to
update frequently (Special Tip:  Set up a Google Alert on you & your
company name.  Light of Gold PR did this and we get an Alert whenever
someone mentions us in Blogs, Articles, etc.  It works and helps us to
monitor our brand.)

-Pay attention to what your customers are saying. Social media makes
it easy to have a two-way conversation between business and customer.
If people are giving you suggestions, take them
-Be aware of your audience. It helps to know who’s keeping track of your
profiles, and what to post; as well as what NOT to post.
-Be helpful. In order to gain people’s trust you have to help them out by giving them relevant information and advice that they can use. Once they see that you’re a
reliable source, they’ll come back and bring others with them.

-Take advantage of the great features that social media sites offer.
Twitter and Facebook allow for quick status updates.  Tell
people what you’re doing or what cool article you’ve found online.

-Get creative.  If you have a blog, go into detail about what’s going
on in your company. The most successful businesses have taken social
media and ran with it. You could create a fun Facebook App like Burger King did or create polls like Starbucks did to vote for the best suggestions. And with YouTube you have the freedom of expression with videos.
If social media gives you the tools, USE THEM TO THEIR GREATEST POTENTIAL.
Happy Personal Branding!


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