How Social Media Helps the People in Haiti

After Haiti was hit by a terrible Earthquake about a month ago, support has poured in from millions of people all hoping to help the people of Haiti. Impressively, most of those people used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in addition to text messaging, to raise million of dollars to help bring relief to the country of Haiti.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have proved to be brilliant ways of gaining support for Haiti. According to the LA Times, Facebook and Twitter, just minutes after the earthquake, were abuzz with people posting what they knew. Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging were used by those in Haiti to contact their loved ones back in the states.

In addition, both sites, as well as YouTube, have spread the story using video, pictures, and word of mouth to make people aware of just how dire the situation in Haiti really is, and they’ve done it faster than the newspapers and news broadcasting programs have been able to.

The Red Cross, in particular, is using Facebook and Twitter to make users aware both of the situation and what they could do to help. The Red Cross is raising money via a text messaging campaign. People have tweeted (and re-tweeted) about this campaign, as well as put it in their Facebook statuses. And the campaign is paying off; according to the Red Cross, $5 million has been raised to help the people in Haiti. Other text message campaigns, advertised through Twitter and Facebook, have followed. What a great accomplishment that social media has helped so much more in a short amount of time.

Want to help the people in Haiti? You can donate via the Red Cross’s text campaign by texting “Haiti” to 90999. Other text message efforts include Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation (text “Yele” to 501501), 25383 (Internal Rescue Committee), and 85944 (Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International). The money will be charged to your phone bill and will go straight to the respective organizations, who will send the money to help the relief effort in Haiti.

To continue to help Haiti and spread the awareness, tweet the information on how to donate via text message, and also put it in your Facebook status. What better information to spread than information used for a good cause?

Happy texting!

The damage done by the earthquake that hit Haiti.
How to use text messaging to help the people of Haiti.

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