Welcome to the New Normal….Excitement, Challenge, Collaboration, and New Hustles…

Hey, Everyone!  Happy New Year!

This is quite an Era we’re livin’ in, isn’t it? Just less than a week until the inauguration!  Whoo Hoo!  History is about to be made!  Go, Barack! A time I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

But while we’re excited about this new era, unfortunately we’ve seen record numbers of people losing jobs (600,000 people in November, and a projected 500,000 people in December). This is also something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. People are losing their homes, the car and banking industry are in a huge crisis, businesses are losing money in just about every industry, people who ARE working are struggling to pay their bills as the price of everyday living keeps going up.  Gasoline had gone down, but seems to be on the rise, again.

So here we are….in a time of great excitement and of great challenge. While this may appear to be a challenging time for a lot of people, the flip side of challenge is spelled OPPORTUNITY.

With so many people losing their jobs, I predict that this will be a great time for small businesses and people who want to start their own business, create multiple streams of income, side and new hustles….whatever you want to call it….make money!

But you have to be ready. Create a Business Plan. Learn new skills. Look at your existing skills and how you can transfer it to viable businesses or jobs. Embrace New and Social Media. And most of all, learn how to Collaborate and Partner with people, entities, and companies that have the skills that you’re weak in. You can’t do it all. And believe me….you don’t want to……There are only 24 hours in each day. So learn how to partner with people who can do what you can’t do, better than you can.

Don’t get me wrong. Everybody shouldn’t partner with each other. Be selective. When you find the right person or company, set up a contract and put stuff in writing so that you stay in your lanes and are accountable for your tasks and for your actions. And most of all, make sure you know how much you each get paid and how.

If people don’t learn how to partner, collaborate across the board….and I do mean across the board….everything from families learning how to get along, live together, and share expenses…..to business professionals learning how to work together who NEVER would have partnered in the past….we’ll make it easier on ourselves when we learn how to work together. From a business and personal perspective, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

So let’s learn from the Barack Obama Campaign. All different cultures, races, and people from economic backgrounds worked together and rallied around Barack to help him win and make history. And You can win in this economy, too.

Welcome to the new normal. Let’s do this! Yes, we can!

Peace and Love! Stay Tuned and Stay Blessed!


Debra Dixon
Light of Gold PR
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Reposted on January 12, 2009


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