7 Tips for Making Your Website a Hit (no pun intended) – by Debra Dixon

As the lightofgoldpr.com Website closes in on the 5 million hit mark, I wanted to share some tips to garner more hits to your Website. Look for a Webinar and classes on this topic in the future!

1. Join Social Media Websites and Blogs Can Help Your Business.
Social Media Websites like linked in, facebook, myspace and other social media sites can really increase hits to your site. Just remember when you set up your profile to ALWAYS list your website’s url. Also post your events, blog, videos, etc.

2. Learn how to harness the power of the social mediasphere tags – digg, del.icio.us, reddit, and many others – to get found by more potential customers, develop meaningful relationships with others in your industry, and position yourself as an expert in your field.

3. Register Articles on articles.com or any other Website that will allow you to post your articles. Most of the Social Media sites also allow you to post your articles there.

4. Create a Press Release on Your Business
After you create your press release, remember to post it not just on your website, but also to the social media sites, and e-mail it to your list or include in your newsletter.

5. Start a Blog.
If you have some timely advice or information that you’d like to share, then you should create a blog. Share it with your list, website, social media, etc. Remember to use RSS feed so that your subscribers can get your latest updates.

6. Put Media in your Website or Blog and Cross Promote
People love to see good content that is exciting and engaging. So remember to use Podcast, Audio Files, Photo, or a Webcast into your Website. It definitely will drive up the hits to your site. Incorporating sound, photos and video will bring your visitors.
Cross promote by including multimedia (videos, blogs, sound) in your website and also in your press releases, your blog, everywhere you can include it. Remember to link everything to each other.

7. Comment on other blog articles. Need ideas? Read other blogs in your industry, and then provide your own point of view on the issue at hand.

Incorporating these tips will ensure that your website is a hit! Congratulations!

Reposted on August 11, 2008


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