7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Webcast – by Debra Dixon

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting (also called streaming media) is a new technology which allows you to view programming on a computer – just as you would on a TV.

Webcasting is the transmission of live or pre-recorded video clips to computers that are connected to the Internet. Similar to TV or radio, webcasting provides the opportunity to broadcast content to many users. The flexibility of on-line access also allows for viewing of archived programs, when it is convenient for you, day or night, 24-hours a day.
Organizations today are discovering that webcasting is a powerful and cost-effective way to communicate with employees, customers, partners and students. In the past, creating a webcast was expensive and complex, but everyday it’s becoming cheaper to produce.

Here are some reasons your company needs to consider webcasting:

1. It becomes easier for your customers and employees to learn about new initiatives at your company. You can reach people you normally would not be able to reach. It’s an exciting opportunity to reach people globally as well.

2. You can use the webcast to gather data from prospects before, during, and after a webcast .

3. Webcasting has the ability to offer live chat (text) during an event. Use this to learn who attended, track their interests with assessments and survey results.

4. Save time and money from a production standpoint, lowering your cost per lead. (You can use your existing collateral to get instant results.)

5. Position your company as a more technically- advanced communicator. (This can enhance your existing marketing initiatives.)

6. Webcasting offers a way to communicate and save time. It improves sales and ultimately builds relationships and enhances face-to-face meetings and interaction.

7. Webcasting can ultimately make your life and that of your customers’ a lot easier.

Light of Gold PR can make it easy, too by consulting with our clients on how to incorporate webcasts to get the word out about their businesses. We can even help you create one. Check out our pre- recorded Webcast at http://www.lightofgoldpr.com/webcast.html. Click the link on this page. There will be a new webcast every Wednesday at 12 noon.

Here’s to Walking into your own greatness!

Carpe Diem! Peace and Blessings!

Debra Dixon

Light of Gold PR and Marketing LLC



Reposted on August 11, 2008


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